The Accounting Collective came from the bold dreams of a nine year old.  That’s right, a nine year old who dreamed of being an accountant.  Our founder, Kristin Prosser, began going to work with her father who is a founding partner at a CPA firm when she was a young girl and quickly learned that accounting was about more than number crunching.  Her dad taught her that pretty much anyone can produce some financial statements or a tax return, but developing personal relationships with your clients is the key to success and a satisfying career.  After years of spending her summer vacations in the file room and answering phones at her dad’s office, Kristin went off to college to pursue her accounting degree.  Kristin went on to work for Grant Thornton out of school and then to Windes & McClaughry to acquire top notch training in taxation and public accounting.  After the birth of her second child, it was time for that nine year old imagination to take over, and she launched The Accounting Collective.

“At The Accounting Collective, we care about more than just your numbers, our goal is to help you thrive. ”

Kristin focuses her efforts on building The Accounting Collective and being mom to her two children and has now grown the team to 4 employees and several resource advisors.  At The Accounting Collective we recognize that our story is part of what makes us able to exceed your expectations.  We are eager to hear the story of your business and build a long-standing relationship with you.  Welcome to The Accounting Collective.

At The Accounting Collective, we care about more than just your numbers, our goal is to help you thrive. We will handle your most tedious and intimidating business tasks with customer service to meet your unique needs.  We make sure to deliver on our guarantee to improve the way you run your business finances.  Forget about spending extraordinary amounts of money on an in house accounting department, or endless hours trying to manage the accounting yourself.  We’ve got this, so you don’t have to.  At The Accounting Collective, your success is our success.